Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Almost Done

Hopefully, this week we will wrap up the work on the house. I finished laying the floor over the weekend. It looks very good if I do say so myself. My brother completed the insulation project in the attic last night. My nephew-in-law and crew finished painting the cabinets yesterday. The carpenters are supposed to work on finishing up the rest of the week. Then Mom can move in, and I can try to get my house in order-----or not. I'm really tired and have acquired a few ailments recently, so I think I'll just vegetate in front of the tube. I know, I already do that, but I'm going to seriously not do anything for awhile! ha! Well, I'm posting a picture of my little helper. I couldn't have gotten all of this work done without her. Notice how intently she's studying the ruler to make sure all the measurements are exact!