Friday, June 15, 2007


Stupid girl is at the bottom of the blog.
O.K. Don't anyone get offended about my little "Stupid girl". This really only has significance to a select few women who went on a girls' weekend to Branson a couple of years ago. So, I wanted to remind them of the fun we had and suggest another such journey. Grandkittens are doing good. I know some people don't enjoy hearing about them, but I don't have any real philosophical, political, or religious revelations that I want to divulge at this time. Batteries on the digital camera are gone, so no new pictures either. Hope that takes care of the complaint department so far. And you know who you are!! Sean is bringing Emily up for the weekend so lots of fun ahead. Happy Fathers Day to any of ya'll who qualify!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Survivor

Here's an update on the grandkittens. There are now four. I don't think MuShu was quite aware of what was happening since this was her first litter. I didn't mention in the previous post that I found a dead kitten being carried around by the dog yesterday morning. I assumed that maybe it had been born dead. When I got home yesterday (about 12 hours after the birth of the kittens), I went outside to call Mocha (the other cat). Each time I called, I heard a kitten meow. I ran down under the deck realizing that one of the first-born kittens had apparently been born out on the open deck instead in the trash can with the others. But I couldn't find the kitten on the ground. I finally located the tough little guy hanging upside down in a peach tree by the deck by his umbilical cord!! I could not believe he had survived the trauma of birth only to find himself hanging in a tree all day with no nourishment. He hadn't even been cleaned up by his mom. I think that probably he and the dead kitten had fallen off the deck during birth and the other one didn't survive the fall. MuShu must have figured out that she needed to find a better place to deliver the others. Fortunately, she took "Survivor" in like he had been there all along. He is definitely one of those cats with 9 lives! I now have 3 little boys and a girl. The boys all look alike. And they look cuter now. Free kittens will be available for a limited time only, so put your order in now!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The First Time

Well, I had previously bragged about the old gal from Gid being able to set up a blogspot. That was 3 posts ago--none of which made it onto the blogspot because apparently the old gal is not all that savvy on things like this. They say the 3rd time is the charm, so I guess we'll see if this one makes it. Actually, I think Blogger doesn't work like the help section says it does, so I'm not going to take full responsibility. Anyway, welcome to my first time on my blog. I don't have enough excitement in my life to warrant a blog, but here I am anyway. I will try to keep everyone up to date on the latest news in downtown Gid. That will be an awesome task in itself!! I'll also share some photos as I become more proficient at using a digital camera. (So much to learn all of a sudden!)
I do have some pretty exciting news for my first post. Early this morning MuShu gave birth to her first (and hopefully only) litter, so I now have 3 grandkittens. They're ugly little rascals but maybe they'll grow out of that. I never did, but maybe they'll be more fortunate. Well, I don't want to overdo it on my first (or third, whichever you want to count it) time, so I'll land this plane. Do come back, though, cause there's no telling what you might read here. CS