Friday, June 15, 2007

O.K. Don't anyone get offended about my little "Stupid girl". This really only has significance to a select few women who went on a girls' weekend to Branson a couple of years ago. So, I wanted to remind them of the fun we had and suggest another such journey. Grandkittens are doing good. I know some people don't enjoy hearing about them, but I don't have any real philosophical, political, or religious revelations that I want to divulge at this time. Batteries on the digital camera are gone, so no new pictures either. Hope that takes care of the complaint department so far. And you know who you are!! Sean is bringing Emily up for the weekend so lots of fun ahead. Happy Fathers Day to any of ya'll who qualify!


The Pepin Family said...

Stupid girl???

A'Larra Matthews said...

I've heard about that trip. Not so sure you all should go without a chaperone!!!