Friday, October 3, 2008

The Facebook Frenzy

I realize that I have not posted recently. My nieces and a few friends have gotten me entangled in the Facebook frenzy. It became so frustrating that I retreated from the cyberworld this week (except to check with Pioneer Woman). There are all kinds of little doodads on Facebook--you write on walls, there are little thingys that people send you and you send them--flairs, and then today when I checked, another friend had sent me a green something. I've not responded much to all of that because you never know what the heck you might be getting into. For all I know, I could be signing up to be part of a harem belonging to some desert sheik. Ooh, that sounded mysterious and romantic! Maybe I should give this another thought. Actually, the real reason I've not been very active is because, 1. my computer got fried 2. I'm really busy at work, 3. Lunch hours are short, 4. I had a tooth pulled and have been a little under the weather. I did take the Princess to the fair over the weekend along with her daddy. So enjoy the smilebox....

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1 comment:

The Pepin Family said...

HAHAHA!!!!! You are cracking me up! If you decide to join a harem, just send us all a message on facebook so we know what happened to you! :D