Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Joy of Hot Flashes

I cannot believe that I am wearing short sleeves, running my ceiling fan, and still not cold! That might not sound like a big deal to some of you, but I have been the Ice Queen all of my life! Someone who used to attend my church a few years ago, came back for a visit recently and asked if I still kept a blanket at church. It took me a minute to remember those days of huddling beneath an afghan during the sermon. Then I answered, "No, those days are long gone. Now I carry a fan!" I'm actually quite enjoying the overall increase in my body temperature--it's just those dadgum "spikes" that I don't appreciate. You know, it's kind of like you're sitting there simmering nicely with your lid on, and all of a sudden the lid blows off and you're boiling over! Reminds me of cooking rice on my stove--I just can't get it to simmer low enough. We're having beautiful weather here. The leaves are starting to turn...and fall...yeah, I'm not so thrilled with that last part. I have lots of hickory trees in my yard---not a good thing, especially this year. There are so many hickory nuts on the ground that it's very hard to walk, almost like skating. I just know I'm going to go down before it's over. I used to be able to depend on the squirrels to take care of the nuts for me, but since I have so many cats now, the squirrels don't come into the yard anymore. If the squirrels knew how lazy the cats were, they wouldn't have to fear. My cats would only eat a squirrel (or anything else) if someone caught it, killed it, cooked it, and served it to them! Yep, they're that bad. My "wild oats" boy got his hands crushed in the tailgate of his dump truck Tues. so after a visit to the E.R., he's been off work for a couple of days. None of his fingers were broken, just mangled a bit. I'll bet he won't try to pull a stuck rock out of there with his hands anymore! It's too bad that most of us learn our lessons in life by being hurt, isn't it? Not just physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Those are the lessons we don't usually forget, though. My lesson for today is never believe my brother when he tells me that his dogs would not and have not ever chased or caught my chickens, even though several of their tortured bodies have ended up in his front yard. Today, one of his black-hearted canines was caught red-pawededly. So, tomorrow Henry, Melody, and Renee will be back in the safe confines of their pen.........sorry, girls.

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The Pepin Family said...

You're too funny! You will be glad to know I finally updated my blog. :)