Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Big 5-0

I hope no one thinks I'm vain for posting pictures of my own birthday, but you just can't believe what greeted me today at work! The first clue was when I walked in and everyone was standing there amid birthday streamers. Then when I noticed that my office door was closed with birthday signs on it, I was pretty sure opening that door would be a real treat. When I opened it there were dozens of balloons hanging from the ceiling and waist deep on the floor! Streamers everywhere, a "birthday file" with a cute little card creation from Clan, Susan, Keith and Bobby in the service dept. My general mgr., Gene and his wife, Pam are responsible for most of this with some help from Kelly, of course! I got a t-shirt with my name on it that says that I'm the mayor of Gid, a couple of "prescription bottles" of anti-aging pills, some really cute p.j.'s with cats on them and all of this amid the shock of my life! I had NO idea any of this was going on. Gene was busy getting the balloons yesterday and I didn't even know he was gone. That's what happens when you turn 50--you kind of live in a fog and don't know what's going on around you. Anyway, thanks to everyone for the cards, gifts, etc. and I know the day has just begun. What a great birthday! Just hope I can remember it.


The Pepin Family Blog said...

Boy, those folks really came through, didn't they? I'm proud of them! The mayor of Gid...now that is just hilarious...I'm laughing out loud!! I love that one! You'll have to update us on the rest of your day. I'm glad you had some fun...HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the Pepin gang!


A'Larra Matthews said...

Yeah, pictures!!!! Happy Birthday!
Did you get my e-card?

At least you remembered to take the camera and snap some pics. We went to Turner Falls this past weekend, and I forgot my camera. So no pics to post for me.

Okay well no rush, but hurry up and post more pictures.

Countrydreams said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!!! Goodness, what a neat surprise for your big day. Love IT! Hmmm, a hot air ballon ride with a singing Sombrero for the 60th? Just kidding... Wish I could have been there to celebrate with ya...