Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I was waiting until I could post some photos, but I suppose it's O.K. to keep up the posting until that time, so at least everyone will know I'm still alive. I have pictures of Sean's birthday, Sonny's birthday, and Independence Day. And of course I have some of Emily that I took during our vacation. That vacation was spent just hanging out at Ma-Ma's house. We played lots of baby dolls and barbie dolls. I drove my Barbies to the lake (small swimming pool) in their Jeep. On the way home, though, they had a wreck and one of the barbies was not buckled up, so she was thrown out of the Jeep and had to go to the hospital. I thought that might slow down the barbie playing, but no such luck, since Emily got her out of the hospital and made me take her back to the lake. (A very long journey across the yard in the sun, pushing a toy Jeep full of Barbie dolls!) We had lots of fun, though, and I wouldn't trade those memories for a cruise across the Caribbean. She's coming back for at least 2 more weeks before school starts. I won't be able to take off work both weeks, but maybe one. This time we really are going to the lake!

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The Pepin Family Blog said...

Oh, what memories! When she's grown, those are the things she'll remember, that you actually got down and PLAYED with her. What a good ma-ma you are! :)