Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fifty Plus One Day

Well, today the fun is all over, but the sweetness still lingers. Most of my balloons had been done away with by the janitor by the time I got to work today. My brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew-in-law along with my son took me out to eat at Mi Ranchito last night. It was good until the birthday serenade began(thanks to Randall and Phyllis). The "singers" stuck a big sombrero on my head, played a drum, sang an unintelligible song, and bonked me on the head with maracas in frequent intervals during the song. Fortunately, there was hardly anyone else at the restaurant, so only the family witnessed this little event. All in all, it was probably the best birthday I've ever had. Hope you check out the picture of Sean's birthday at the bottom of the page. Well, I need to rest now. Being old is really tiring.

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A'Larra Matthews said...

Wow, Emily has gotten so big!! See why you need to post pictures often?!?! I can't believe how much she looks like her daddy. What beautiful blue eyes!!!