Monday, October 27, 2008

Baby Showers, Fall Festivals, and Goldfish

Um, sorry, no pictures of any of the items in the title. I forgot to take my camera to all said events. I do still have the goldfish at my disposal, though. He's a little tiny goldfish who hides in his Chinese temple because I suspect he fears for his life from the senior goldfish, Nemo. Nemo looks like a whale compared to the new little guy. Nemo is a very spoiled fish. Betcha didn't know fish could be spoiled, huh? Every morning when I feed the cats, when I look over at the fish tank, Nemo is going nuts, swimming very fast and bumping the corner of the tank. It's really funny to see how he tries to get my attention. Saturday was the family baby shower for Mandy and Bradley's semi-unnamed baby girl. She got lots of seat covers and some really cute outfits and other useful items some of which I've never seen before. Sunday was the fall festival at church, so I had to make a very rushed pot of chili and decorate some "eyeball" cookies for my SS class. It was also my Emily weekend and all of the busyness of the weekend didn't leave a whole lot of time for our special time, but we enjoyed what we got. Before I took her home, we went to Mtn. View and got her some goldfish because she didn't win any at her school festival. It made our parting easier since she had something to focus on besides leaving me. We have such a sweet bond and I hope it continues until she's grown so we can spend as much time together as we want without the limitations of visitation rights. I enjoyed having my brother, nephew, sister-in-law, and future niece-in-law for lunch Sat. before we girls went to the shower. My niece, Kim, who has turned out to be just so crafty that I've dubbed her "Martha", hosted the shower. The games, food and decor were so cute, good, and well, crafty. I didn't have time to take many pictures but during the short time Em and I had together, I did take some of her posing goofy.
I call the pictures: Dancing with Sucker in Hand.


The Pepin Family said...

How funny! So Kim has turned into Martha? Wish I could have been at the shower, Mom said it was fun.

Belinda said...

Hi, Cheryl:

You had left a very kind comment on my new blog a few weeks ago, and I wanted to return the visit. I hope you're doing well. I'll come back tomorrow and read some of your archives. I think I would also fall under the title "Blog Stalker," but it is a fun little hobby, isn't it?

Talk to you soon.